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Why do I need to backup Microsoft 365, doesn't Microsoft do it already?

Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model makes it clear that the owner of the data is responsible for the backup of their data.


  • Section 4.iv.2 Closing Your Account: “You should have a regular backup plan as Microsoft won’t be able to retrieve Your Content or Data once your account is closed. Third, you may lose access to products you’ve acquired.”
  • Section 6.b Service Availability: “We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.”

How much does Microsoft 365 backup cost?

  • Our Pro pricing plan, the price per user per month is AU$6.00 ex. GST and provides you unlimited storage. Read our FAQ here.
  • Our Enterprise pricing plan is designed for organisation with 5000 users or more and we encourage you to contact our sales team to discuss pricing and configuration options available to you. See more on our Plans page or Contact Sales.

How long will it take to restore?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO): this depends on the scope of your restoration request, to provide guidance, recovery of 1gb of data has been measured on average to take 40 seconds, but this is dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

What can be restored?

Microsoft Office 365 files for Sharepoint, Teams, Outlook and OneDrive for Business.

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