What’s new in the latest Cirrus release from 11 June 2021

Cirrus Microsoft 365 Backup

It’s release time, which means we have some exciting new features in Cirrus! Why should you care? Well these features are going to make Cirrus easier to use and build in a bit more flexibility for you, the end user.


New Dashboard items

We’ve added new dashboard widgets to give you important information at a glance.

We have a backup status widget that lets you know the health of your current backup.

Status of Backup | Cirrus Backup

We’ve added a widget to show your current user count:

Microsoft 365 Data Protection | Cirrus Backup

Finally we’ve added a widget to show how much of your allowed storage you are utilising:

Storage | Onedrive Backup

Local Files Restores

You now have the option to restore to your local computer. When you click the restore button you’ll be presented with two potential restore destinations, Original Location or Local Computer. Choose Local Computer and you’ll download the file locally to use as needed.

Local Files Restores | Outlook Backup

Other Changes

There’s a whole lot of other changes you might notice such as cleaning up some labels and wording to make things clearer.


Coming Soon

What’s next? We’ll be adding features to give you more control of your backups, and we’ll allow you to invite other users from your organisation. Watch this space!


If you have any thoughts on new features, please submit them through our Ideas portal: https://cirrusbackup.ideas.aha.io