I’m often asked what you should consider when reviewing your Microsoft 365 backup options.

I’ve come to realise that some organisations make data backup harder than it needs to be.

My thoughts are that backup isn’t something I really want to spend my time thinking about – it’s not an exciting part of our working day, so let’s keep it as simple and efficient as possible.

If you could get someone to buy your storage, manage your users automatically and fix your cost – instead of doing it yourself – why wouldn’t you go for it?

Consider these questions when reviewing your backup strategy:

  • Do I have the team to manage this, resource-wise?
  • Are they trained – am I comfortable with them managing business-critical backups?
  • Do I want senior technical people managing our backups (these guys are expensive)?
  • Have we bought enough storage?
  • Can we manage the costs efficiently – are they fixed?

If a secure and reliable SaaS offering is available, for as little as the price of a coffee per user per month, why would I use my expensive IT resources to manage something that my team are not experts in?

The businesses we at CT4 work with, who have chosen Cirrus for Microsoft 365, have not looked back.

I say let your engineers spend their time more efficiently, making the business money, and choose a simple and cost-effective backup solution to look after your data.