Cirrus for
Microsoft 365

Online backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 that will have you up and running and backing up your data in minutes, so you can set it and forget it.

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Backup and protect all your Microsoft 365 data with Cirrus by Veeam

Outlook Backup | Office 365 Backup

Outlook Emails, Calendar and Contacts

Onedrive Backup


Sharepoint Backup | Cirrus Backup


Microsoft Office Teams | Teams Chat Security

Teams Chats and Channels

The Protection
You Need for Your
Microsoft 365 Data

Cirrus is proud to partner with Azure Cloud Services and offer a safe, simple and cost effective way to backup your Microsoft 365 data through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Role Based Access Control

Create roles and permissions for users or groups, ensuring controlled access to data and functionalities. Empower individual staff to manage their own data.

Configurable Licence Management

Backup your entire organisation, use automated Microsoft 365 groups, or choose a fixed licence model. Scale as you need.

Enhanced Immutability

Once data is backed up, it cannot be altered, tampered with, or deleted by users, including administrators or bad actors. Extra layer of security for peace of mind.

Unlimited Storage and Retention

Store as much of your critical data as you need, and retain it for as long as you need. Included at no extra cost.

Advanced Search

Quickly and accurately locate specific data within your backups using Veeam e-Discovery. Efficiently retrieve the data you need and save time.

Best of all? Transparent pricing. Only pay for what you need.

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Benefits of using Cirrus for Microsoft 365:

Reduce Downtime

Backing up your data won’t stop cyberattacks, but by using Cirrus’ secure, immutable backups you can swiftly restore your data to limit downtime in the event of an attack.

Remove Complexity

Developed to provide you with a simple, reliable way to protect your Microsoft 365 data, Cirrus is 100% SaaS. Avoid costly deployment, management and maintenance tasks.

Mitigate Risk

Cirrus protects your entire Microsoft 365 environment, so you can reduce the risk and high costs caused by data corruption, accidental or malicious deletion, malware, and ransomware.

Ensure Compliance

Cirrus by Veeam complies with global security standards and provides you with audit-ready backups.

Our Clients

“The simple to use interface was one of the biggest reasons we chose Cirrus to back up our Microsoft 365 data, as well as the ease of set up.”

– Malcolm Plant, Group Cloud and Infrastructure Architect, Webjet Limited.