Our data protection solutions are continuously innovating to better support our customers’ needs, and we are delighted to introduce the latest feature update in Cirrus for Microsoft 365.

Read below to learn about several enhancements that will empower you to protect and restore your Microsoft 365 data with even greater precision and ease.


Restore from Advanced Search:

We understand that finding the right data quickly is essential for efficient data recovery, and our new enhancement within Advanced Search takes this to a whole new level. Users can seamlessly search for data, filter the results to identify specific data and initiate restoration directly from the same location, eliminating the need for a secondary step.


Notifications in Teams:

Collaboration is at the heart of Microsoft Teams, and now, so are our notifications. Stay informed about backup job completions, data restoration progress, and more – all without leaving the Teams interface.


Streamlined Role Based Access Control:

In this release, we’ve introduced additional permission levels to Role Based Access Controls. This enhancement gives authorised administrators fine grain controls over who can access particular SharePoint sites. We have also refined AD group-based Outlook and OneDrive permissions with new options to provide access to all users except those who are members of specified groups. These changes provide greater visibility and control, and ensure the protection of sensitive data without the need to individually manage user permissions.


Optimised Management for New Backup Jobs:

To empower your control and compliance with data residency requirements, we’ve introduced a new feature enabling users view and select the storage region when initiating a new backup job. This ensures seamless visibility over where your data is stored, helping you align with regional and industry-specific regulations.


Designated Reports:

Enhancing your data management experience, we’ve listened to your feedback, and in this release, we’ve introduced comprehensive reports available in CSV format.

These reports come in two distinct types, each serving a specific purpose:

Mailbox Protection Reports – show statistical information on protected and unprotected mailboxes of your Microsoft 365 and on-premises Microsoft Exchange organisations.

User Protection Reports – show statistical information on protected and unprotected user accounts of your Microsoft 365 and on-premises Microsoft organisations.


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