We continuously update Cirrus for Microsoft 365 to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Our latest feature update blog is a big one, focussing on enhancing user experience and expanding functionality.

Have a read to learn about the latest additions to Cirrus for Microsoft 365.



General Updates

Toggle to Include Items Deleted by User:

To enable easier recovery of deleted items, we have added a toggle option to include items deleted by users when searching through backups. This option should only be used when required as it will slow down your browsing experience.


New Dropdown in Licenced Users Graph:

We have introduced a time dropdown feature for the Licenced Users graph on the dashboard, allowing you to change the period and obtain insights into user activity trends over different timeframes.


Updated Navigation Pane:

We love intuitive navigation, and we know you do too. To enhance user experience, we have revamped the navigation pane, making it even more user-friendly (and visually appealing) than before. Accessing various features and functionalities is now easier than ever.


Support for Retention Periods Shorter than 1 Year:

Data retention requirements can vary. Users can now reach out to support for retention periods shorter than one year, tailor your data protection strategy to comply with industry regulations or internal policies.


Allow Immutable Backup Copy Option:

For stronger data protection, we now offer the ability to enable an immutable backup copy, ensuring an extra layer of security for your critical data. This comes with extra costs, so reach out to our support team to activate this feature. Click here to read more about our enhanced immutability functionality.


All Backup Actions Now Logged in an Audit Log:

Traceability and accountability are crucial in data protection. To enhance auditing capabilities, we now log all backup actions such as commencing a backup or cancelling a backup run in an audit log. Cirrus keeps track of every action taken, ensuring transparency and compliance.


Export Button Added on Backup Jobs Page:

To simplify the export process, we have added an export button on the backup jobs page. With a single click, export your backup jobs data in a convenient format and easily integrate it into your existing workflows.


Support for Multiple Storage Regions within Instance:

Data sovereignty is a critical concern for many organisations. We have addressed this by adding support for multiple storage regions within the instance. You now have more flexibility to store your backups in the region that complies with your data governance policies.

To streamline the storage configuration process, you can:

  • Choose from default Azure Storage regions in the CT4 admin portal.
  • Choose from a range of default storage regions when adding a storage account.

If the region you are looking for is not available, please get in touch with the Cirrus Support Team at [email protected] and we can discuss adding it.



Outlook Updates

Advanced Mailbox Restore Options:

To provide granular control over mailbox restores, we have added advanced options. Tailor your restore process to specific requirements, enabling faster and more precise data recovery.


Restore Mailbox to a Different User’s Mailbox:

To simplify user management, we have introduced the ability to restore a mailbox directly to a different user’s mailbox. This is particularly useful in situations where the original mailbox has been deleted from Microsoft 365. Admins can enable this option at a user level using Role Based Access Controls.


Display Mailbox Address:

When browsing Outlook mailboxes there are occasions where the mailbox name may be identical or similar to other options. We now display the unique mailbox address directly in the right pane to avoid any confusion.



SharePoint Updates

Option to Exclude Personal SharePoint Sites from Backup:

In a collaborative environment, not all SharePoint sites require the same level of backup. We now offer more control over fixed licence backups, with the option to exclude a user’s SharePoint site from the backup.


Restore SharePoint Data to another Location:

Users can now restore SharePoint files and folders to a different location, allowing for efficient data migration and reorganisation.



Teams Updates

Advanced Options for Team Restores:

Our advanced options for team restores allow you to restore Teams data with more flexibility and precision.

To provide granular control over mailbox restores, we have added advanced options. Tailor your restore process to specific requirements, enabling faster and more precise data recovery.



Payment Updates

Quarterly Payment Option for Licences:

We understand that different organisations have different payment preferences. To cater to this, we have introduced a quarterly payment option for licences. Choose the billing cycle that suits your financial planning and budgeting requirements.


Microsoft Marketplace – Support for Annual Billing:

We now support annual billing through the Microsoft Marketplace. Enjoy the convenience of annual billing cycles and leverage the benefits of our data protection solution directly through the marketplace.



If you have any thoughts on new features, please submit them through our Ideas portal: