Cirrus Cloud Protect
for Microsoft Azure

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Cirrus Cloud Protect for Azure is a simple, secure and cost-effective solution for automated Azure backup and recovery.

Easily protect and manage all your Azure data with costs you can predict. 


Azure VMs


Azure Files


Azure SQLs


Azure Blobs

Say goodbye to complex, costly deployment and maintenance tasks.

Key features to simplify protecting and recovering your critical business systems:



Intuitive point and click interface, requiring minimal IT expertise to efficiently manage backup and restoration with ease.


Configurable RBAC

Set up granular permissions for user access management. Improve security, efficiency and compliance. 


Rapid, Flexible Recovery

Avoid data loss and downtime with instance-, volume- and file-level restores. Easily retrieve the data you need, when you need. 


Reliable Support 

24/7 ANZ/EU basedglobal support. Our technical experts are available to help you every step of the way. 



Ensure data is regularly backed up with hourly native snapshots to achieve low RPOs, without requiring agents. 


Real-time Alerting 

Always know the status of your backups and restores with real-time alerts, allowing you to resolve issues quickly. 

Best of all? Transparent pricing. Only pay for what you need, with no hidden fees. 

How do I get started with Cirrus Cloud Protect for Microsoft Azure?

View Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Benefits of using Cirrus Cloud Protect as a Managed Service:


Fully Automated, 100% SaaS

Set it and forget it. No need to deploy, manage and worry about costly, time intensive software and infrastructure with our automated solution.


Agile and Scalable

Purpose-built to handle large amounts of daily incremental change. Protect your data as your needs grow without any disruption to your operations.


Advanced Security

Data security and integrity is guaranteed with storage in your region and encryption in-transit and at rest. Cirrus also holds the following global certifications: 

  • ISO 27001 (Information Security)
  • ISO 20000 (ITIL)
  • ISO 9001

Robust Immutability

Ensure your data is available whenever you need it with immutable backups supported – prevent your data from modification or deletion.

“We created Cirrus Cloud Protect based on feedback from our clients.

They found data backup to be time, cost and risk intensive.

Cirrus eliminates the need for in-house backup infrastructure and maintenance, and provides users with a simple and effective way to monitor automated backups and restores.

With Cloud Protect, we can help any organisation save resources, reduce their risk and help them to ensure their critical data is protected.”

Martyn Howie – Cirrus Product Manager

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Cirrus Cloud Protect is currently in an early release stage, please leave your contact details below and we’ll get in touch soon.