Our data protection solutions are always evolving to support our customers’ needs, and we’re excited to introduce our latest feature update for Cirrus Cloud Protect.

Read below to learn about powerful new additions that enhance functionality and provide greater convenience for protecting your data in Microsoft Azure.


Expanded S3 Target Options:

Cirrus Cloud Protect now supports all S3 compatible storage for your backup copy, including Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier. This compatibility empowers you to choose the storage platform that best aligns with your data management strategy.


Simplified Policies:

Our in-built policy templates offer click and go simplicity, and now we’ve brought the same ease of use to customised policy creation. This update enables you to set up backup copy jobs and policies at the same time.


Whether it’s your private storage or a storage solution compatible with S3, Cirrus Cloud Protect ensures that your backup strategy is tailored to your requirements.


View Upcoming Charges:

With this new feature, you can now effortlessly track your expenditures for the current month. Transparency and clarity are key, and this addition empowers you to make informed decisions with insights into your future usage patterns.


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