Release time again! We have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to keep Cirrus working smoothly and reliably for you, but there are also some changes in the UI you will notice listed below.

Are you backing up your Microsoft 365 Data?

Are you backing up your Microsoft 365 Data? Whenever you save your OneNote notes, your Excel spreadsheets, your Word documents or anything else in 365 those files are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint but they are not backed up.

What’s new in the latest Cirrus release from 11 June 2021

It’s release time, which means we have some exciting new features in Cirrus! Why should you care? Well these features are going to make Cirrus easier to use and build in a bit more flexibility for you, the end user.

How does Cirrus protect the data in my Microsoft 365 subscription?

Cirrus is an online, self-service portal for clients to manage their Microsoft 365 backups. It allows you to backup the essential business data stored in your Outlook emails, calendar, and contacts.

Cirrus video explainer

Get under the hood of how Cirrus works, and how it protects your valuable data by watching our helpful explainer video.

How do I eliminate Information Security Gaps?

Ask yourself how your business would cope without access to your files, emails, and other communications for days on end, and what the cost of that would be to your organisation.

What is Ransomware?

Barely a week goes by where we don’t read a story in the news about a major organisation that has had its business crippled or brought to a grinding halt by a ransomware attack.