Are you backing up your Microsoft 365 Data?

Are you backing up your Microsoft 365 Data? Whenever you save your OneNote notes, your Excel spreadsheets, your Word documents or anything else in 365 those files are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint but they are not backed up. The same goes for your Outlook emails and Calendar items stored in Exchange Online. In fact Microsoft themselves call this out in their services agreement [1]:

Service Availability | Cirrus Backup

If that has you worried then we have a quick easy solution! Cirrus is an online Microsoft 365 backup tool which will have you up and running and backing up your data within a few minutes. Our solution has been developed in partnership with Veeam and built on top of Microsoft’s own Azure platform. Microsoft provides the tools, Veeam provides the engine and Cirrus is the vehicle that will get your data backed up. 

The Cirrus solution is affordable, quick and easy to set up and simple to use, try our free trial to see for yourself! 


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